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Published: 18th July 2008
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Even though flowers don't last very long, they're an integral part of any wedding. Unfortunately, if your heart is set on a cascading bouquet of roses, you might be shocked to find out how much the bouquet and other wedding arrangements will cost. However, it is possible to reduce this expense without compromising on the quality you receive.

Obtaining Cheap Flowers

Fortunately, there are a number of places where budget-minded brides can find cheap flowers. Supermarkets offer roses, carnations, and many other popular flowers, as do local farmers markets and farms in your area. You can also find great deals by purchasing your flowers online through a discount floral supplier. Of course, if you plan to choose this route, it's best to buy some test flowers a few weeks before the wedding. This will give you a chance to make sure that the vendor will provide you with suitable flowers for your special day.

The Advantage of Seasonal Flowers

Roses, calla lilies and orchids are some of the most popular flowers used for weddings. However, if you plan your wedding for a month when these flowers aren't in bloom locally, you'll pay a premium to have them shipped in to you. When you start planning your floral arrangements, ask a local florist which flowers will be available locally on your wedding date, and which flowers area cheapest overall. You may find that a bouquet of tulips or irises will be just as beautiful, but far less expensive.

Hobbyist Flower Arrangers

If you decide to purchase floral stems on your own, you'll need to find a way to arrange them into bouquets and table decorations. Creative-minded brides may be able to arrange their own flowers, or you may be able to find a local florist who's willing to help you. It might also be helpful to see if there are members of your community that teach flower arranging courses. They may be able to refer you to former class members or others hobby florists in the community with a special knack for floral design.

Flower Delivery

One major downside to doing your own flowers is that you'll need to make arrangements to have the flowers delivered to the church and set up. Don't plan to do this yourself, as you'll be too busy getting ready yourself to attend to these details. You may want to ask a member of your bridal party to organize the transportation of the flowers, or pay a family member a small fee to orchestrate the delivery. Just be sure to find out when you can access the facilities to set up your flowers before arranging these details.

If you've read through magazines dedicated to weddings, you've probably come across numerous pictures of floral bouquets and arrangements. As you learn about which flowers are fashionable for a particular season, you may also want to consider which ones best fit your budget. If possible, consider buying the flowers on your own, and then finding someone to arrange and deliver them. Of course, while you'll save money this way, you'll also need to consider timing and your personal tastes and preferences.

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