Changes to Expect in the Pregnancy Stages

Published: 14th October 2008
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You can expect to go through many different changes in your body and your emotions during the pregnancy stages. There are three stages of pregnancy, called trimesters, each of which lasts for about three months. Each one brings different feelings about yourself and the baby, different emotions about the things around you and of course, different types of changes that occur within your body. One of the best ways of recording these changes so that you can answer the questions of your friends when they become pregnant or if you want to compare one pregnancy to another is to start keeping a journal as soon as you discover that you are to become a mother.

Even before you know you are pregnant for sure, you will start to notice different changes in your body at the beginning of the first trimester. Your breasts will start to increase in size as the mammary gland start to fill with milk. This will not be an immediate change, bit one that will occur gradually with a slight increase in fullness. You may start to feel tired more quickly than usual and nausea, which is always the first chance that pregnant women notice, becomes more frequent. This nausea is called morning sickness because it usually occurs in the morning is quite uncomfortable and foods that you normally loved may now leave you feeling queasy just at the thought of them. Other changes you and others will notice include your frequent trips to the washroom.

By the end of your first trimester, you will have a little baby bulge, enough for others to notice and ask if you are expecting, if you haven`t already told them. During the seventh week, the baby has started to develop a face and the vital organs have started to develop. The heartbeat develops during this time and by the time the second trimester starts it is quite possible that you have listened to the heartbeat in your doctor`s office.

The morning sickness usually starts to ease off in the second trimester, but each woman is different. Some are well beyond the nausea at this point, while others have nausea into their third trimester. The danger of miscarriage is past by the time you reach the 12th week, so you can start to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. These three months are usually the easiest of the nine.

Both you can your partner have started to adapt to the fact you will have another member of the family and your emotions are more regulated, which means you and your partner can get back to normal and he won`t have to try to tread easily around you without fear of making you cry for no reason. Your body will start to grow during this stage and you may have uncomfortable periods when the baby seems to be kicking you in the ribs.

The final stage of pregnancy starts in the sixth month. This is when you will see the greatest growth in your belly as the baby starts to fully develop and put on a little weight. During your seventh month you may experience swelling of your hands and feet and need to rest more often during the day. During your final month, the baby drops further down into the uterus to prepare for birth. This will give you relief under your ribs, but it will also put more pressure on the bladder so you will have to visit the washroom even more frequently.

Your anxiety level will probably be higher at this point if this is your first pregnancy and you don`t know what to expect in the delivery. You will have more energy than normal during the final few weeks as you prepare for the coming of the baby.

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