Different Types of Porch Flooring You Can Choose

Published: 11th November 2008
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In terms of finding the right flooring for your porch there are basically two main types to choose from wood and concrete. Wood porch flooring looks really elegant, but it does require more maintenance than concrete. This is the reason that more and more homeowners are opting for concrete, especially in the choices that are now available. You start by building a form into which you pour concrete to make a slab. Then when this is set, you need to seal it to prevent water from seeping through and causing damage to the floor. You can decorate it with one of many stamped designs and there are also designed sealers you can use.

If you choose to have wood flooring, the best choice in wood is Southern Pine. This wood has a natural resistance to decay and termites and by using pressure-treated wood you will have a porch floor that will stand the test of time. If you do not have a covering on the porch, the construction is basically the same as constructing an outdoor deck. The best lumber to use is 2 X 6 because of the strength and durability it provides. If you have a covered porch, then you will need to look at wood thicknesses of only an inch instead of 2 inches.

Wood used in porch floors is tongue and groove. This makes the installation of the floor very quick and easy. You simply fit the groove on one side of the board into the tongue of one you have on the floor and nail it in place. You will have to cut pieces to fit in corners and at the ends of the boards to provide complete cover.

Interlocking wood tiles also provide you with an affordable option for your porch floor. You can install this over concrete and with the many different designs available in this type of flooring, you can create a really unusual design for your porch. The advantage of using these tiles is that it takes very little time and effort to take them up and relay them in another pattern if you find that you would like to have a change. This will also lead others to think you have installed a completely new floor.

Once you have the wood flooring in place, then you have to decide whether or not you are going to stain it a particular color or allow the natural color of the wood to show through. If the porch is off the ground, it is important that you seal the underside of the wood as well as the top. For the wood to accept the stain readily, you should go over the flooring with a sander to roughen it up a bit. If you don't want a different color, you still need to use a clear sealer to protect the wood from the elements of the weather. Sealing and staining the wooden floor of the porch is something that you will have to do every few years to keep it looking like new.

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