Dog Names and Meanings ?An Important Part of Naming Your Pet

Published: 14th October 2008
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When choosing a name for their new puppy, many people do not give much thought to dog names and meanings. The meaning of a dog's name has a lot to do with the dog's personality, so you should choose names that will reflect the personality associated with the breed. In addition to looking at the meaning of the name there are other factors you should consider when naming your dog. These include:

- A short name that will be easy for the dog to get to know and which can't be shortened, which will only confuse the dog if people use different forms of the name.

- A name that will not cause you any embarrassment when you use it in public

- The name should not rhyme with commands you want to teach the dog

Make a list of names that you like and then research the meanings of these names. Try using the name for a few days to see how the dog reacts. It is amazing, but there are sounds that dogs like and dislike, so if the dog doesn't respond to a name after you have used it for a few days, you could conclude that it doesn't like the name.

Some names you could use for a puppy that will grow into a large adult dog include:

- Adonis ?the name of a Greek god

- Admiral - commander

- Ada ?joyful

- Belle ?beautiful

- Boa ?although it is the name of a snake, it is a good name for an affectionate dog

- Bucko ?bully

- Canis ?the Latin word for dog?

- Casper ?a good name for a white dog

- Colt ?small horse. This name would reflect the dog's size

- Darth ?from Star Wars

- Diablo ?the Spanish word for evil?but it could be used for a mischievous dog

- Elsa ?the name of a lioness

- Fritz ?a name of German origin

- Gator ?short for alligator

- Gypsy ?comes from the name of nomadic people and would be a great name for a dog that likes to roam

- Hero ?means greatness

- Horus ?the god of light and goodness

- Inca ?after the native tribe of South America

- Ishta ?means he pick of the litter?

- Jupiter ?the largest planet

- King ?ruler

- Kuma ?Japanese word for hear?

- Lexis. A Greek word meaning peech??great for a dog that barks a lot

- Magna ?Latin for reat?

- Major ?an officer in the military

- Ninja ?a Japanese martial arts warrior

- Nova ?a star that grows in intensity

- Onyx ?a gemstone of various colors. This name would be great for a dog that has many different shades in its fur.

- Panda ?a cuddly teddy bear

- Pazzo ?Italian word meaning crazy

- Prince ?an hereditary ruler

- Queen Bee (or just Queen) ?ruler

- Rambo ?from the movie

- Rajah ?an Indian ruler

- Samson ?great strength

- Shamu ?a famous killer whale

- Tempest ?a word meaning strong weather

- Toro ?a Spanish word meaning `bull`

- Viva ?an Italian word meaning `long life`

- Warrior ?fighter

- Yukon ?the name of a long river

- Zeus ?a Greek god

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