How to Find Vancouver Canada Zip Codes

Published: 14th October 2008
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If you are looking for an address in Vancouver Canada, you won't get many results when you search online for Vancouver Canada zip codes. This is because these codes are called postal codes in Canada, so you would get a long list of results if you change your search to ancouver Canada postal codes? One thing that all the postal codes will have in common is that they start with the letter? In fact all of the postal codes for British Columbia start with? Postal codes in Canada consist of 6 digits ?three numbers and three letters. The letters and numbers alternate and there is a space after the first three. A typical postal code for an address in Vancouver would be V6H 3G2.

All the postal codes for Vancouver start with V6 and the rest of the letters and numbers change according to the area of the city and the street address. The following list will help you understand how the postal codes determine the post office in the city to which the mail will be directed.

- V6A Strathcona, Eastside of downtown area and Chinatown

- V6B Northeastern part of downtown, Harbour Centre, Gastown and Yaletown

- V6C aterfront, Coal Harbour and Canada Place

- V6E South West End

- V6G North West End and Stanley Park

- V6H West Fairview, Granville Island and Northeast Shaughnessy

- V6J Northwest Shaughnessy, East Kitsilano and Quilchena

- V6K Central Kitsilano

- V6L Northwest Arbutus Ridge, Northeast Dunbar-Southlands

- V6M South Shaughnessy, Northwest Oakridge, Northeast Kerrisdale, Southeast Arbutus Ridge

- V6N West Kerrisdale, South Dunbar ?Southlands, Musqueam

- V6P Southeast Kerrisdale, Southwest Oakridge, West Marpole

- V6R West Kerrisdale. West Point Grey, Jericho

- V6S Northwest Dunbar-Southlands, Chaldecutt, South University Endowment Lands

- V6T University of British Columbia

- V6Z Southwest Downtown

There are other addresses in Vancouver that have V7 postal codes. These are the Bentail Center and the Pacific Centre as well as other parts of the city, such as West and North Vancouver.

In order to find the exact postal code for addresses in Vancouver you do need to have the street name and the number of the location on that street. Odd numbers of homes and businesses have a different postal code than those on the same street with even numbers. However, if you do make a mistake in just one number or letter and you do have the correct street address, mail carriers will generally direct the mail to the correct location.

It is quite easy to find the correct Vancouver, Canada postal code when you search online using a postal code lookup. There are many such sites and a main one for Canada Post. If you do not have the correct postal code in the address, when it does arrive at the wrong post office, many times the staff will look up the postal code and change it so that you mail gets directed to the proper location. Having the right postal code is essential because any mail that doesn't have the code listed will probably not get delivered. Just in case you do have the wrong postal code you should make sure you include your full return address on the left hand corner of the envelope so that it can be returned to you if it is undeliverable.

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