How to Make a Shed Ramp

Published: 18th July 2008
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When you have a shed where you store large pieces of equipment and bicycles, it is almost essential that you have a ramp to make it easier to take these things out and put them back in. You need to make a shed ramp that is solid and will not shudder as if it is going to fall apart when you drive your riding lawn mower or tractor over it. It is not difficult to make a ramp for your shed, but you do need a circular saw for some of the unusual cuts you may have to make.

The first thing you have to consider is the steepness of the ramp. If you have it too steep this could be a safety issue. Look at the height of your shed from the ground and the number of steps you have there. If it is high, you may have to build a long ramp to decrease the steepness. When the wood gets wet, it also makes the ramp slippery, which is another safety factor you have to consider when you feel that the steepness won't be a problem for you. However, trying to drive a piece of equipment up a slippery ramp could cause it to slip over the side causing damage and possible injuries.

Because the ramp will be outdoors and exposed to the elements of the weather, you should use pressure treated lumber. The usual pieces of lumber you need are 4X4's 2X4's and plywood as the overall covering. The number of the pieces you need will depend on the size of the ramp. For a ramp 6 feet in width, you will need four pieces of 4 X4. These need to be spaced on the center so that they project away from the ramp. You should notch the ends of the 4X4's with a circular saw so that they can rest on a 2 X 4 that you bolt to the end of the shed. This notch needs to be 1.5 inches deep and about 1 inch high.

When you bolt the 2 x 4 to the shed, it should be 2.5 inches lower than the top of the shed floor joists. If you have 3/4 inch flooring on the floor of the shed, this measurement will enable you to line up the ramp with the level of the flooring. Once you have the notches made in the 4 x 4's, you can then lay them in place on the 2 x 4 and nail them into the side of the shed joist using galvanized nails.

Now that you have the 2 x 4 and the 4 X4 secured, you can measure the sheet of plywood to cut it to fit the size of the ramp. Nail it to the 4 x 4's so that you have four rows of nails going across the ramp. The best mails to use are 2.5 inch hot-dipped galvanized nails. Use a nail set to drive the nails into the plywood so that the tires of your equipment won't get punctured when you drive over the ramp. You can paint or stain the plywood so that it matches the color of your shed

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