The Development of the Fetus When You are 16 Weeks Pregnant

Published: 11th November 2008
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Most mothers to be want to know about how the baby is developing during each week of the pregnancy. At 16 weeks pregnant, your baby is only about the size of an avocado. At this point the fetus is only about 5 inches long and weighs only about 3 ounces, even though you have started to develop a baby bump so that others do notice that you are pregnant. By this time you may have noticed slight stirrings in the womb. This is because the baby is starting to move about and is no doubt grasping for the umbilical cord. Even if the baby does hold the umbilical cord very tightly, it won't cause him/her any damage.

By this time, the circulatory system and the urinary tract are fully functioning in your unborn baby. the lungs have not yet developed fully. The baby is inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid through the lungs that are there, but again this is perfectly natural and is not harmful.

The babys skin is quite wrinkly at this stage of your pregnancy. This is because it hasn't filled out with baby fat yet. If you were able to see inside your womb and take a look at the baby, you would be able to see all of its veins through the skin. The heart is functioning and the blood is pumping through these tiny veins. The eyes are in the proper position, but the baby can only see straight ahead. If you are having a girl, the uterus has already developed and the ovaries are in the proper place.

When you move suddenly at this stage of your pregnancy, you may sometimes feel a sharp pain in your side. Women who are pregnant for the first time may become alarmed by this and rush to see their doctors. However, the pain is caused by the stretching of the ligaments in the uterus and pelvis to make room for the growing baby. It shouldn't last for any length of time but if it does continue you should make an appointment with your health provider just to get everything checked out.

The developing fetus in the womb will also bring new changes to your body at the 16 week period. The baby is putting more strain on your back, which means you may experience lower back pain and have to lie down more often. The fact that you feel the baby moving makes the pregnancy more real for you and you may feel a surge of energy in your comfortable times. One thing you will notice is that you have a heightened sense of smell and even though the morning sickness period has passed, there are certain smells that will make you feel nauseous.

Along with this renewed sense of smell, you may notice that you have a runny nose more often and you may even experience nose bleeds. Having nose bleeds at increasing frequency is something you should discuss with your doctor because it could signal a change in your blood pressure.
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