Turtle Names Should Suit The Pet

Published: 26th August 2008
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If you are looking to name your turtle you should find turtle names that have meanings that suit your turtle. It may seem that it might be hard to find a name for a turtle but this is really not the case. There are many websites that offer a list of names that you can use for your turtle and then the meaning associated with the name can also be found. For some people naming your pet can be just as important as naming a child because pets are often considered to be children for some people and strong name is important.

Names of turtles have been divided according to gender. There are names for male turtles as well as names for female turtles. Some however can be overlapped and are considered gender neutral. It all depends on what you like and prefer. Below is list of names, their meanings and the specific gender for that name.

* Tredway - this name can be used on male turtle and it means that your turtle will be a strong warrior.

* Harlow - this male name has many variations and the female variant for this name is Harley. The name Harley can be used a nickname for a turtle named Harlow. This name has an odd meaning; it stands for meadow of the hares.

* Egesa - This is male name that comes from Anglo-Saxon origin. The name itself means terror.

* Jaida -destined for a female turtle Jaida means the colour green or simply the gemstone Jade. This name is of English origin.

* Kyra - This is the female variant of Cyrus and means enthroned. It is also a variant of Cyra which stands for moon. The name is Greek in origin.

* Mona - this female name means gathered from the seed of a jimson weed. The name was original a Native American name.

If you are looking for a name that is really different then you might try something that is foreign. For example you could use an African name for your turtle. People are looking for more unusual names all the time.

* Ajani - This is an African for a male turtle that means him who wins the struggle. It also means that a person is victorious.

* Amiri - This is a name for a prince as that is exactly what it means.

* LaRae - This name is of African-American origin and it made from a combination of two names. Latonia and Ray.

* Yammish - this female name has a meaning of right or proper. It comes from the African language.

* Kasinda - this female name has an odd meaning, it means born after twins. The name is of African- American origin.

* Nafisa - this female name is a very popular African name that can be used as your turtle's name but it has no meaning assigned. Maybe in this case you can use the name and decide on a meaning for the name yourself. You can observe your turtle and see what type of personality he or she has before assigning a meaning.

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