Using Home Remedies for Sick Dogs

Published: 14th October 2008
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While nothing can replace the treatment that you get from a vet when you dog is not feeling well, once you know what the problem is there are home remedies for sick dogs that you can use at home.

If your dog has fleas, you will notice that the dog is quite uncomfortable and does a lot of scratching. Some dogs are also allergic to flea bites and can develop a skin irritation as a result. If your dog has fleas and is constantly scratching itself, the fur on the irritated section of the skin will eventually fall out. The scratching also increases the chances of the dog getting a bacterial infection in the skin where it is raw and sore. There are many different kinds of flea medications, such as powders, sprays and washes that you can get at the pet store, but you can also make your own. Using tea tree oil on the sore spots of the dog's skin can help to cure them quite quickly. Absorbine, Jr. also works well.

Quite often dogs that are outside have foxtails in their fur. These the bristly spikes of certain types of grass. If you live in an area where there are foxtails, it is best for both you and your pet if you avoid these areas completely. If this is not possible and your dog gets a foxtail embedded in its nose, you may have to call the vet if you cannot get it out yourself. Carefully inspect your dog when you return home to make sure that there are no foxtails in its fur about which it may be curious and accidentally sniff up its nose.

Some dogs have a patchy coat that looks like it hasn't been brushed or taken care of. If this describes your dog's coat and you do take the time to wash your dog and brush the coat, then it is possible that you pet has mange. This disease is caused by mange mites and there are two different kinds. One of these is very similar to the mite that causes scabies or the itch in humans. The dog that has mange mites is so itchy and uncomfortable that it scratches itself so much, the skin becomes sore and the fur falls out. Regular baths will help to remove the scaly skin containing the eggs of these mites. Make sure you wash the bedding the dog has been using in hot water. If you do this on a regular basis and the condition doesn't improve, you should seek the advice of your vet.

Having an overweight dog is something that you can handle at home. Don't leave food out so that the dog can nibble whenever it wants. Limit the number of treats that you give the dog and make sure it gets exercise on a daily basis. The label instructions on the dog food will tell you how much you should feed your dog each day depending on its size. If you stick to this, you will soon have a dog that is the perfect weight for its length and height. Although a dog that is overweight is not sick, but the extra weight can cause a whole host of medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

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